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Original branded pigments: Red Oxide, Blue, Bright Yellow, Black, Terracotta.
Pre-mixed by me: Green, Yellow Ochre, Brown, Purple, Orange.
I use Jesmonite branded Pigments for my coasters and terrazzo chips and I LOVE them!

Mix and match any available colour and amount you need!
See the list below and let me know what colours you need by leaving a message in the text box. :)

NEW to Jesmonite? Please keep reading. There's some info below that I'm sure you will find useful!


- How do I use Jesmonite Pigments?
Just mix a tiny drop of these concentrated colours into your Jesmonite liquid and achieve your desired colours.
With the eye dropper squeezy bottles add a small dot of pigment and slowly build up the shades you need. Stir well into the mix. Also check out the little video in the gallery for more tips.

- How is Red Oxide different from Bright Red pigments?
These two pigments are Jesmonite branded pigments.
The Bright Red is now out of stock in my shop since the 30th of January.
Bright Red has a bit of a magenta-ish tone and is lighter, and can be used to achieve pink-ish red tones.
From the 31st of January I am selling Red Oxide instead of Bright Red.
Red Oxide is a darker, deeper shade of red that is perfect to achieve, brick, terracotta, pastel pink shades.

- How can I achieve pastel colours?
You can easily achieve pastel colours using these strong pigments by only adding the size of a pinhead (or even smaller than that) to your jesmonite mix. Start with light colours and gradually build up the tint you would like by adding small amounts of pigment.

- Why I don’t offer white?
Because as these pigments are mixed in white Jesmonite you can achieve lighter, pastel colours by adding less pigment into the mix. The pigments are perfectly intermixable so you can achieve any colour you like! Just keep experimenting!

Why do I offer pre-mixed colours?
I love experimenting with colours but many times when I just "mix as I go", I’m not able to achieve the same shade of green for example two times in a row. Familiar feeling? This is why I came up with some cool pre-mixed colours! It helps you to achieve consistent colours for your projects.

- What should I mix it in?
I mix my Jesmonite liquid and powder in plastic/paper cups, with a wooden stirrer by hand. Make sure you incorporate the pigments into the liquid properly before pouring the mix into the mould.

- How much should I use?
The official Jesmonite guidelines recommend using about 2% of pigment of the weight of your Jesmonite mix. (Max. 20g/kg) For a couple of coasters it literally means a few drops of pigment, so these 10ml bottles will serve you for a long time! And if you run out, you don't have to buy a whole set again, just pick what you need.

- Does the pigment colour fade?
These extra concentrated pigments are super long lasting in a finished product. In my experience, the colours get a bit lighter right after drying. But you can bring out these vivid colours again using any sealant. I created a sealer wax specifically for this purpose: Seal&Shine is a natural paste wax that brings out the vivid colours and adds a hint of glossy silky look and feel to your finished jesmonite pieces. Please see this in my listings.
Black pigment also could look like dark blue when mixed into Jesmonite liquid, but as it dries it turns black.

- Can I use it for epoxy?
These Jesmonite branded pigments are for Jesmonite AC100 and AC300 only.

- How long do these pigments last?
Since these are super concentrated pigments, a tiny drop goes a long way. I would estimate that one 10ml bottle would be enough to make 30-40 coasters.

Good to know:
The shade of colours may vary a bit from the colours on the images.
Keep the lids on the bottles tight otherwise the paint dries out.
Shake for 1 minute before use! Especially with my pre-mixed colours, there could be some colour separation if the bottle sits for a long time.
The Bright Red is now out of stock in my shop since the 30th of January. From the 31st of January I am selling Red Oxide instead of Bright Red.


Jesmonite Pigments Mix&Match

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