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If you are not sure if this wax is suitable for your pieces, try a Sample Size Seal&Shine Wax Pot first. Applicator sponge included, ready to use on your project. I squeeze 15g of wax into a 10ml pot which gives you enough wax to try out on a couple of coasters. Apply with dry sponge or cloth, use circular motions and let dry for about an hour.     


With my homemade clear Seal&Shine Polishing Wax you can coat your artworks, protect them from spillages and make it easier to avoid water stains. 
I use this on my own pieces made from jesmonite to bring out their colours and add a touch of glossy shine to them.
The paste is a special blend of candle wax and organic coconut oil. 
No yellow tint - as with bees waxes - no harsh chemicals or toxic additives.
Perfect for sealing coasters, trays and pots as it is made from non-toxic, natural ingredients.
Easy to apply:
Apply a thin layer of the paste to your dry piece with a clean, dry sponge or cloth with circular motions. 
Allow the wax to penetrate the pores and give it about an hour to dry on the surface. For best result apply 2 coats.

I recommend this wax to use on decor elements, candle holders, jewellery trays, statues or ornamental pieces that don't have direct contact with wet surfaces. Please read the FAQ to find out more. 

Comes in plastic free 100ml leak proof recyclable tin container with an applicator sponge.
Store at room temperature. 
Suitable for vegans. - Batches sold after the 21st of February 2021 no longer contain Bees Wax. 
Allergy advice: Batches sold from the 21st of February 2021 contain SOY wax instead.

Lovingly handmade in the UK.
With any questions, feedback or suggestions please do not hesitate to get in touch, I would be happy to help.



- Does this product make my pieces dishwasher safe?
No. This product does not provide 100% water resistance and does not make your pieces dishwasher safe. This product provides a splashproof protection and protects from spillages and stains that might occur while using for example a coaster or a tray

- Does this product provide a matt finish?
No. This product gives your pieces a touch of glossy shine while brings out the depths of the colours. Make sure you let it dry on the surface for an hour to avoid oily feel. 

- Is this product food safe?
Unlike other factory made waxes this product doesn't contain chemicals. I make the blend myself, and it only has 3 natural components: Soy wax and coconot oil that are natural and safe to eat, and paraffin wax (or regular candle wax) that is a natural and non-poisonous material, but obviously not intended to be eaten.    

- How can I further protect my pieces:
Always let your pieces dry out, and clean any spillage with a dry cloth. Don't use harsh chemicals and don't put it in the dishwasher.

- Can I use it for Epoxy resin?
No. Only suitable for jesmonite AC100

- Can I order from outside of the UK?
Yes, I am using International Signed postage that is a reliable delivery to Europe in 3-5 business days and rest of world in 6-7 business days. Tracked in the UK and a signature taken on delivery. It is the most reliable way to send packages abroad. 
Please note: The delivery price at the check out is an estimated price. If your order can be shipped cheaper because it's smaller and lighter than the estimate, I am going to refund you the difference of the postage overcharge here via Etsy.  


Testimonials and Reviews from my Etsy shop:

"The reason i purchased from you is because you actually use the wax on your own products so i figured it would be good! I first used an acrylic sealant but wasnt too keen on how it looked which is why i wanted to find a wax to seal it. Yours smells lovely and the texture seems perfect to me, it brings out the colours but doesnt leave a shiny residue. I am so happy with it!" - Kelly


"Great sealer for my Jesmonite. Gives a clear, almost satin finish and really brings out the colours. Also, the packaging was SOO cute!! Quick dispatch and delivery. I'll be purchasing again :)" - Sasha


"Amazing product! Really brings out the colour in the items☺️" - Chloe


"Amazing product. Couldn’t get along with acrylic sealer for my jesmonite, it left lots of streaks and had a really unpleasant texture, this product however, AMAZING" - Grace


"Absolutely amazing! Highly, highly recommend this for any Jesmonite products you have. The wax helps seal it in so well. I had been searching for a finish for my products and couldn’t find anything. This was perfect!" - Jason


"How Jesmonite haven't picked up this product is beyond me. Miles better than anything I've used before. Gorgeous finish and put some moisture back into my crafter's hands. Suppressing the desire to buy a lifetime's supply." - Nadine

Seal&Shine Wax Polish - Perfect for polishing pieces made from jesmonite

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