Hand Made Silicone Rubber Mould for Semi Circle Trinket Tray.

This mould makes a 15x8x1.5cm tray.


Made with Polycraft Medium Hardness silicone that is durable, flexible and allows easy de-moulding.

Perfect for jesmonite, plaster, resin or concrete casting. 


There are some small surface imperfections but these are not effecting the casting result.

Each mould is made by hand and tested out with Jesmonite to make sure it gives the best result possible. 


Hand made with love in the UK.


Please note:

This mould is made with non-food grade silicone. 

Tray is sold separately.

Results depend on the appropriate mixing and casting method used for casting. 


Semi-Circle Trinket Tray Silicone Rubber Mould

PriceFrom £10.00
  • - After pouring tap and shake mould to get rid of trapped air bubbles. 

    - Store mould at room temperature on flat surface to avoid bending

    - Wash before and after use - soapy water works fine, avoid harsh chemicals.

    - Not dish washer safe

    - Do not use it for food projects

    - Be gentle when de-moulding. Do not pull hard, de-mould piece bit by bit.

    - Using mould release spray can prolong the life of the mould.  

  • I offer discount on moulds with surface imperfections.

    These imperfect moulds are the result of my unfortunate mould making mishaps - but they are still usable.

    Please note: Imperfections on the silicone effect the casting and result in pieces that need a bit more extra sanding than usual. Holes and cracks on the silicone mould will result in little bumps on the piece but with some extra attention and care these bumps can be sanded and smoothed out. 

    I am happy to buy your Perfectly Imperfect mould back in 7 days after purchase if you are unhappy with it. Postage fee not included.