Atlas&Phoebe - the picture book

The idea of this picture book was born in December 2016 when I decided to create the best birthday present possible for my best friend Robbie. It took me about two months to write and illustrate this little book featuring Robbie's two beautiful Russian Blue kittens Atlas and Phoebe. It was such a fun project with a lot of new challenges. Like writing a poem in English. Preferably a funny one. About cats! Or designing a book cover. Also a funny one about cats! Surprisingly the writing part went much easier than the illustrating part. (But keeping it all in secret for months was the hardest bit!)

I really liked the original cover but the title 'Russian Blue' sounded way too official, and very serious. And the picture looked more like some indie rock album cover. The final design ended up more suitable for the colourful and somewhat silly content of the book. Its a poem about cats after all! Dear Robbie, I hope you like it!

This book is going to be available in eBook format on Amazon soon! :)

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