Inside-out, upside-down.

Where do I find inspiration? It seems like an obvious question my friends would ask me all the time. But in fact, I am the one who keeps asking myself WHERE CAN I FIND MORE IDEAS??? Where do I find inspiration?

A new idea every day. This was the challenge from the beginning.

When I started the Reading Girl Project I had to come up with a new idea every day to keep the concept alive: drawing girls with their hair turning into something else as a side effect or extension depending on what book they read on the picture. My love for books and movies supplied the inspiration behind this series.

Suddenly starting to drawing every day was challenging enough already. But coming up with a new book idea every day for a 100 days and finding a fun way to incorporate the message of the book with a new hairstyle was....well, a way too ambitious idea! So ambitious I couldn't even finish the planned 100 drawings. I simply ran out of ideas and started to experiment with other projects. One day, when I master the art of digital drawing I would like to re-draw all my Reading Girls, keeping the book/hair ideas as they were, but execute them in a professional way.

What I am currently doing is very similar. New day, new idea. I call it "my daily brain exercise." I really really need this in my every day life. I love my day job but it can feel very repetitive after 2 years. I needed something that keeps my creative energy flow and my innovative brain fit. It might sound strange, but I don't find the idea of "doodling" very satisfying. Unless that doodle has a twist, a pinch of humour or something that turns the world as we know it upside down and inside out! This is why I find beauty in art... boring, in general. There! I said it. Beauty is such a motionless, static thing, like a beautiful, hyper realistic pencil portrait or a gorgeous watercolour landscape. These require great drawing skills but almost zero creative, imaginative attitude.

I might be wrong. But for me, in terms of art, those artists are much more interesting and memorable who are able to see the world in a more flexible, more fluid, more dynamic, and more ABSTRACT way. A world, where general rules do not apply. Where things are not what they seem. Where creativity and humour walk hand in hand, completing each other like Lilly and Marshall or Monica and Chandler.

Christoph Neimann is one of those artists that are able to put on their abstract goggles and see potentials and possibilities and connections in the simplest things as a banana peel.

This is what I am trying to practice every day with my Non Factual Fun Project on Instagram.

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