Keep it simple!

"The gateway drug is not creating art, but experiencing art: seeing a painting, reading a book, or listening to music that expresses something that you always knew, but were never aware of. Having the whole world explained (or even better, turned upside down) just looking at a few marks on a piece of paper is the greatest thrill I know." - Christoph Niemann illustrator is one of my biggest inspirations. I can easily relate to his mindset, struggles and attitude about creating art.

His book Sunday Sketching inspired my Non Factual Fun series that led me to my new, current project Minimalist Design, in the name of simplicity.

I first started to show interest in minimalism when I moved in my micro apartment in London about a year ago. I loved the idea and the promise of the minimalist lifestyle: Life with fewer material possessions simply means more freedom and less worry. For me it also means spending money on experiences rather than things. The philosophy of minimalism is something that is very close to my heart. It's a lifestyle that helps me to live in the moment, to grow as an individual and as an artist, to consume less, and most importantly to create more.

Minimalism in art is an extreme form of abstract art. As an introvert I find minimalism fascinating, especially when it comes to communicating an idea. Saying as little as possible to make a point... for an introvert it is the way of life.

"Simplicity is not about making something without ornament, rather it's about making something very complex and slicing away elements until you reveal it's very essence." In my Minimalist Design series I'm following Niemann's thoughts that abstract and abstraction is the most important concept in creating art. And in visual art just like in minimalist architecture or minimalist interior design, the goal is to get rid of everything that is not essential to making a point. Telling a story by simplifying the relations between colour, size, scale and composition, using only the essentials: simple geometric shapes, and leaving the rest to the eyes and imagination of the audience.

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